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I don't think I've ever seen "upside-down" quotation marks as you've depicted them (ie, on the baseline) in English. In LaTeX quotation marks will render properly using left: `` and right: '' marks. Note that each of the left and right marks are two characters. The left mark is the one underneath the tilde on my keyboard, and the right mark is ... How to Put Quotation Marks in Excel Formulas - Spreadsheets Made Easy If you notice, the entire text is surrounded by quotation marks. This tells the formula that everything inside those surrounding quotation marks is text. When Excel runs into the two quotation marks together, it processes it as a single quotation mark in the result. punctuation - What is the correct way to denote a quotation in German ... There is usually a thin space between the word and the quotation mark. The first version is the most used in Germany, followed by the second. The third is the preferred in Switzerland but allowed in a German text too. When to use what? Use „Gänsefüßchen" for handwritings. They are easy to write. grammar - How to Highlight Words with Quotation Marks? - English ... If it is complete sentence, it comes with its own terminal period, which will be part of the quotation and so will be within the pair of quote marks. If not, the overall sentence will end with period after the quotation, that is, after the closing quotation mark. This should be the principal criterion unless the applicable style overrides.

I am a very new user, and I'm am frustrated by the apparent inconsistency between user tutorials and what actually happens with LaTeX when I use it. I would like to use double quotation marks in text. But I understand that the double quotation on the apostrophe key is actually used as a formatting symbol. punctuation - Quotes in LaTeX ? - TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange In OT1,OT2 encoding, " is right quotatoin mark (for CM fonts). In T1 encoding, it is upright quotation mark. And in EU1(for XeLaTeX) and EU2(for LuaLaTeX), " is right quotation mark the same as ”. IMHO, it is better to use double ' as quotation mark, or to use csquotes package. If you use XeLaTeX or LuaLaTeX, use “ ” is better. How to write quotation marks in ... - LaTeX Stack Exchange If you use ", these are no different in text mode, or math mode in terms of how you use them, although the spacing is a slightly different. However, as Mico pointed out is you use the recommended approach of ```...''` to obtain the double quotes, then this needs special handing inside math mode.

How to Use Quotation Marks Correctly | Grammar Girl Not only do you have to follow different rules depending on what other punctuation marks you mix with your quotation marks, but people in different countries also follow different rules, so you may see quotation marks handled differently in high-quality publications from different countries. Listen to the Grammar Girl podcast! Italian Quotation Marks (Fra Virgolette) Types and Uses In addition, quotation marks are used in Italian to point out jargon and dialect as well as to denote technical and foreign phrases. Types of Italian Quotation Marks Caporali (« ») : These arrow-like punctuation marks are the traditional Italian quotation mark glyphs (in fact, they're also used in other languages, including Albanian, French , Greek, Norwegian, , and Vietnamese). Text Formatting with LTEX do the following: \today\ is a good day. produces: April 16, 2007 is a good day. There are also commands that consist of the backslash followed by exactly one non-letter. They are most often used to put a special symbol in the text. For example \$ prints a $ (which cannot be entered directly because LATEX uses it to begin math mode). arcgis desktop - How to include a quotation mark in a text field...

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