Multiple tips and tricks are provided here about how to backup iPhone/iPad/iPod or Android mobile phones.

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What is iCloud? How to access iCloud? How to backup/restore iPhone with iCloud? How to delete iCloud backup? Read this article to learn about iCloud backup.

Backup iPhone to iCloud | Leawo Tutorial Center This post introduces several methods to backup iPhone data to iCloud. When users don't want to connect their iPhone to computer with USB, iCloud can be a primary choice. How to Restore iPhone from iCloud (with Pictures) - wikiHow How to Restore iPhone from iCloud. You can restore your iPhone directly from iCloud without ever having to plug it in to iTunes! Unfortunately, you'll need to completely erase all of your iPhone's data and settings--a time-consuming. How to Backup iPhone | iphone backup | Easy solution from… That the pioneer of the question; ”How to Backup iPhone? ”

In what circumstances you want to transfer the iCloud Backup to an Android Phone. The common situation that can make you need to restore your iCloud Backup is you lost your iPhone and buy a new Android Phone. Or simplely because your want to transfer the data on iCloud such as photos, videos, contacts, notes, or other files to your Android phone. How to Recover iTunes/iCloud Backup to Android … However, recovering data from iCloud or iTunes directly to an Android phone can be troublesome, and that's what this tutorial is going to talk about, that is, offering you best solution to restore needed data from your iTunes/iCloud backup to the new Android phone. … How to Backup iPhone 8 to iCloud Easily Backup your iPhone 8 to iCloud is easily. There is an essential matter for you if you are able to do it. You can, for instance, back up photos, notes, and other things to … How to Restore Your iPhone from an iCloud …

There are multiple reasons you might need to restore your iPhone from an iCloud backup. The most common reasons being you’ve just bought a new iPhone. Remember that before you restore your iPhone to factory settings, you’ll need to create an iCloud backup so all your data is safe and sound. Whether you’re restoring your iPhone from an ... Transfer data from your previous iOS device to your new ... If you have an Apple Watch and you got a new iPhone, unpair your Apple Watch from your previous iPhone before you set up your new device. Unpairing automatically backs up your Apple Watch so you can restore it after you pair with a new iPhone. Make sure that you have a backup of your device. Have your Apple ID and password ready. How to Restore Your iPhone from an iCloud Backup ... On that page, you’ll choose Restore from iCloud Backup. From the list of iCloud backups, choose the most recent backup (the one you just made). Tap Restore. The iPhone will restore your iCloud backup to your new iPhone. Enter any passwords it asks for. Congratulations! You've restored your iPhone from an iCloud backup. How to Restore iPhone Using iCloud Backup

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How to Backup iPhone Using iCloud and iTunes Considering the amount and importance of data stored on our mobile devices, it is really important that you know the steps to backup iPhone using iCloud and iTunes. Backup iPhone Using iCloud and iTunes Over a period of time your iPhone will end up accumulating tons of Photos, Videos, Messages How to Restore WhatsApp Backup from iCloud to … 1. Only Restore WhatsApp Chats from iCloud to iPhone. You can recover your WhatsApp chat history from iCloud backup with the built-in function from WhatsApp (if you have made a previous backup in chat settings) by following the steps outlined below. Transfer photos and videos from your iPhone, … 18.10.2019 · With iCloud Photos, you can access your photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple TV, on, and even your PC. Your latest shots are automatically added to iCloud Photos, and any organizational changes or edits you make are always kept up …